Monday, 4 November 2013

I've moved to Medium

A long overdue post here to mention that I've started sharing my musings on a new blogging platform called Medium.

Developed by the people who developed Blogger, which this blog uses, Medium is much easier to use and will drastically reduce the time I spend faffing about with pictures*, font that seems to do it's own thing, and just generally trying to make things here look as I want them to.

Also Medium has two features that I just adore. It enables a user to group posts in to collections, which is useful when writing about a variety of topics. And even better than that - you can select options which enable any other Medium users to add to one or more of your collections (or specific people that you invite). I love this social element, it make blogging feel a lot less lonely but also feels different from being co-authors or whatever in Wordpress. I'm not quite sure why.

Anyway, should you wish to check out my ramblings, I'm over here:

I'm also trying to keep a few Wordpress blogs going. At present these are:

#DigitalDudley - celebrating the ways people are using social media to great things and build community across Dudley borough
engaging together - this is the second time I've rebuilt a home online for sharing about empowering ways of working with communities! I always seem to let things lapse too much. Maybe I shouldn't worry about it. Anyway, this site feels fresh and ready to add a fair bit to, which I'm looking forward to doing.
East Coseley Visions - along with my brilliant colleague Becky Pickin I'm still involved with the Big Local programme in Coseley, so will keep this blog going for a while to come. Alongside which a local resident is starting a hyperlocal blog for Coseley. Yay!
Building Health Partnerships in Dudley - simply to share things we're up to in this programme, which runs until March 2014.

* A note on pictures. I rather rashly deleted a whole load of photos from somewhere - despite warnings about deletions from other places - the net result of which was that all my photos on this blog disappeared! I will try to learn from this experience. I simply don't understand the linky things that go on without me doing it manually. I'm slowly finding the pictures and replacing them, but some are not great quality as I'm copying them from web versions.

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